Residential Cleaning

kitchen after cleaning

Letting someone into your home to clean can be an incredibly stressful concept. When we enter a home, we are respectful, quiet, and of course, clean. We do our best to be as careful and respectful while in your home. From apartments to multi-story houses, we can clean any style home.

Deep Cleaning

We clean everything from top to bottom including fans, fridges, floors, and even appliances upon request. A thorough deep clean is great for a fresh start at the change of any season or just for a regular upkeep on your home so you can use your time in other parts of your day-to-day life.

Move-Out Cleaning

Moving out is stressful. We can help relieve your stress and increase your probability of getting more of your deposit back. Or, if you are selling your house, we will help you make your house look great for showing. After your belongings are moved out, our team will come in and spend time on detailed cleaning through your apartment’s move-out checklist. You do the moving, we will do the cleaning!


To ensure a lasting clean, we move items on counters to get to all surfaces. Our in-depth clean includes polishing cabinets and cupboards, cleaning microwaves inside and out, cleaning sinks and all counter tops. Upon request, before your appointment, we can also do the dishes and clean ovens as well. We will be sure to polish any stainless steel surface for a cleaner, sparkling look once we’ve finished.


Laundry is done in special cases or upon request for an added cost. If dirty (or clean) laundry is left out in areas assigned to be cleaned, we typically will pick it up and put in baskets.  Clients are cautioned that picking up laundry from assigned cleaning areas does take extra time. We have no problem doing these tasks, however, and we are always glad to help wherever we can.


We dust from top to bottom and under things for a spotless clean once we’re finished. We also polish applicable surfaces for a shining look and help maintain the condition of any wood furnishings as well.

Pet Friendly

We are pet friendly and always glad to meet any furry friends throughout our day at work.

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